Delta Medical Equipment is happy to help you with insurance reimbursement. Our billing staff has a combined 42 years experience in insurance and third party payers. We file Medicare, SC Medicaid, BCBS of SC, TriCare, and many other insurance companies for you; and will gladly research any other insurance companies to see if we can provide you the service.

Medicare is the insurance for older Americans. The Social Security department issues a Red, White and Blue Medicare Card to each beneficiary. Part A premiums are paid by the government and Part B premiums are taken directly from the beneficiary’s monthly check.
Medical Equipment falls under Part B.

Medicare pays 80 % of their allowable for items, leaving a 20 % co-payment for Medicare usually rents higher priced medical equipment instead of outright purchasing it.

Medicare started a COMPETITIVE BID program July 1, 2013 that limits where you can get your Medical Equipment!

You can go to to see who is a provider for your zip code, or call 1-800-MEDICARE.  We hate this and hope that if you have any problems that you will report them to your Congressmen and to Medicare.

Common non-covered items through Medicare are adult diapers, knee walkers, treadmills, car lifts, comfort shoes, aids for daily living, telephone alert systems, bathroom safety aids, and reachers.  

How can I get in touch with Medicare?




Medicaid is the insurance for lower income families. You qualify for it through your county DSS office. The ID card for SC is Blue with the State outline on it. Medicaid covers much of the same Medical Equipment that Medicare does, except they NEVER cover TENS units, Seat lift chairs and scooters.


This is any insurance like BCBS or Cigna or Carolina Care Plan that is either provided by your employer or that you purchase directly, either as a sole source of health insurance or as a supplement to your Medicare. If it is your secondary or supplement plan, they will usually pick up the deductibles and copayments (20%) left over when Medicare pays their share, depending on what your policy covers. If it is your only insurance, they will usually pay 80 % of the bill and you will be responsible for the 20% copayment.